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title plain notebook
Heidelberg machine printing the notebook cover.

This notebook was printed in two colors in letterpress in Portugal, in July 2014.

Dimensions: 11,5 x 17 cm
(4 ½ x 6 ¾ in)
Cover: white paper 240gr/m2
Bookblock: pink paper 80gr/m2; 80 pages; pattern printed in offset.

Limited edition: 2000 numbered copies.

Flip through the notebook.
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This is the thirtieth notebook made by Serrote.

Influenced by our grandmothers tableware (particularly the "horse pattern") this notebook is especially suitable for those who love to draw in oblique parallel projection, with the third axis drawn in diagonal with an angle of 45 degrees (commonly known as cavalier projection).

starry notebook cover starry notebook cover starry notebook cover
starry notebook letterpress stars starry sky