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caderno sabão azul & branco  


Blue and white soap, monkey soap or offenbach soap, these are the different names by which it is known.
It is a product used since the mid-nineteenth century and nowadays it's still used to wash clothes, remove stains, hand washing and disinfection, and there are also those who use it in personal hygiene, such as a hair care product (hair bennefits are not scientifically proven).

The Blue & White Soap notebook was created for those who like to handwash clothes and dry them in the breeze and sunny weather. When you open the notebook you can almost feel the sweet smell of cleaned clothing.

The cover is printed in two colors in letterpress, and the inside gathers different soap patterns printed in offset.

The notebook has rounded edges, like any soap in use.

Printed in Portugal, April 2013
Dimensions: 14,2 cm x 22 cm (5 ½ x 8 ¾ in)
Cover: 315 g CLA
Book block: blue paper 180 g/m2; 32 pages;
printed in offset.
Limited edition: 1440 copies.

The Soap Notebook is one of the products included in
Crate Serrote.


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Flip through the notebook.

barra sabão azul e branco